Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Forgive me the lapse in posts, this is due to illness and general exhaustion.

Having heard VERY good things about the burgers at Hawksmoor, which are available only as a lunchtime special, I hastily booked a day off of work and made a reservation for 2pm. Not really, the day off wass well deserved and not solely for the purpose of a burgerfest, only in part!

So Thomas and I head for Commercial St on Friday lunchtime, eagerly anticipating the supposed best burger in London. We were disappointed by Hache and for Thomas GBK still held the crown so I was keen to find a new victor.

The search for the perfect burger is something Thomas and I have become rather preoccupied with, resorting to making our own of late. In New York I adored the experience at The Burger Joint but admittedly, it’s sort of gimmicky and the actual food was above average but certainly beatable.

Having sampled the Hawksmoor offering I am pleased to say there is a new firm favourite, London Rules!

This is unadulterated burger heaven. There is not one thing I would criticise, except perhaps the £15 price tag but then I didn’t have to eat for the rest of the day because I was so sated. Also, when considering the superior ingredients, beef from the Ginger Pig for example, it is well worth paying that little bit extra. The Oggleshield cheese was also notable, I’ve never tasted such a deep and satisfying cheese on a burger before and I’ll be seeking it out for sure.

The combination of crispy lettuce, juicy tomato, slight heat from the mustard and the punch of the red onion and mild gherkins makes for virtual perfection. Every mouthful was a joy and the only thing that failed to knock my socks of were the fries. I found them average, but upon further reflection I'm struggling to pinpoint exactly how they might be improved. Perhaps they could have been a little darker in colour and a tad crispier. I love that the waitress offered mayonnaise, I cannot fully enjoy chips without it. The homemade ketchup is a nice touch too.

As well as the faultlessness of the dish, the service was excellent (the only slight blip being the necessity to ask twice before a coke found it’s way to the table). We arrived 30 minutes early and were instantly seated. The food arrived promptly and I would recommend coming at lunchtimes for the reason that service was great and obviously due to the the burger not available in the evenings.

We started with the Pan fried Scallops with Yorkshire Chorizo to share, the quality of the chorizo was what really sang out about this dish and it was over all too quickly as we hungrily devoured it with speed thinking that it was really all about the burger! This did provide a fitting and more then adequate warm up though.

I enjoyed everything about this meal and even Thomas agreed that this is without doubt THE best burger we have ever had. I cannot rave enough about it really, we shall return, I am spreading the word to everyone I talk to and I eagerly anticipate trying one of their steaks. At long last, the search is over.

157 Commercial St

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verbal said...

OMG I am so hungry just reading about it!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I loved it very much and the 9.5 is deserved, I can not see how one could make it better. the .5 margin to the max score of 10 is only there because I think that if I cant think of how to make it better doesnt mean somebody else might not find a way.

Until then this is the King of all BURGERS. EVER.

Lizzie said...

I'm going to Hawksmoor soon and I can't wait, I loved their steaks there.

GBK - Really? I've had really unsatisfactory experiences there; overloaded burgers, sweet chilli sauce instead of proper chilli sauce, horrible system of queueing. Maybe it's the Soho branch.

Boo said...

Verbal - makes me hungry too thinking about it. The pictures don't even do it justice!

Lizzie - I can't wait to try their steaks, they looked amazing.
The GBK thing is mainly due to the garlic sauce I think, I'm a big fan!

Larrifari - Maybe the Hawksmoor steak will be deserving of a 10/10!?

Gourmet Chick said...

Ok I really want to try that burger now. So many people have raved about it.

foodieguide said...

What a glowing review! I've been meaning to go to Hawksmoor for absolutely ages, to try the steaks (but the burger sounds delicious too!). Glad to see another thumbs up for it...

Boo said...

Gourmet Chick and foodieguide - you seriously have to try it! The bad thing is that no other burger will ever live up to it. Definite thumbs up, still not been back for that steak yet. Everytime i think about it, it makes me so hungry