Monday, 6 April 2009


I had very high hopes about this place, having read reviews of Boundary here and here. Terence Conran's new project comprising a hotel, numerous bars and three restaurants. Ambitious indeed and, thus far, apparently well received.

When the girls and I stumbled upon the place on a Saturday afternoon wander I almost convulsed with excitement and hurried inside to have a peek in the Albion shop. The displays are incredible, beautiful cupcakes, freshly baked breads and exquisitely presented products from many 'established English brands.' We decided to nab a table and a much needed bottle of wine, and a cake of two!

Sarah and I had a cupcake, with the lightest and butteriest icing these are just delicious. It wasn't the best sponge I've ever had but the sprinkling of rainbow strands made up for it. It was so pretty. The house white too was good though Noy wasn't a fan.

To add insult to injury Noy's fruit scone was stale. Served with raspberry jam and butter (cream if you prefer), it had obviously been part of the inside spectacle for most of the morning and was past it's best. Shame.

The main note I'd like to make is that we were served by possibly the rudest waiter I have ever had the misfortune to meet. He was rushing around, completely unnecessarily whilst about 5 others wandered around aimlessly, waiting for instruction. He actually shouted "quick" to Nibs from about 5 meters away having scarpered while she was still deciding what to have. It may be annoying when customers um and ah over their order but when there are barely a handful of other diners this rudeness is entirely uncalled for. In his defence the other girls didn't hear his "quick" comment, I may have been hearing things but his other shortcomings as a waiter did not go unnoticed.

£30 for 2 cakes, a stale scone, a kir royale for Sair and the bottle of white. Plus 12.5% (disgraceful) service charge.

We got the giggles midway through our stay, owing to the wine I daresay but I imagine others might not take this quite so well. The fact that a group of young women should be subjected to such substandard service is not okay in my mind. Terence, take note, sort your staff out.

Albion @ The Boundary Project
4 Boundary St,
Shoreditch, E2

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Lizzie said...

Why did you pay the service charge? It's optional, is it not...?

Boo said...

Yes, in hindsight it was idiotic to pay the service charge. Must have been the wine. No excuse.

Gourmet Chick said...

What a shame - I had heard such good things about the Albion