Monday, 20 April 2009

Rock and Sole Plaice

On a sunny Sunday Thomas and I decided to head into town to clothes shop. Wandering down Endell Street we were unable to resist the temptation of fish and chips, it’s one of those meals I seldom indulge in but frequently crave.

The Rock and Sole Plaice claims to be the oldest fish and chips restaurant in London and I think it offers an authentic experience in terms of taste but it seems strangely at odds with the surroundings. Despite this, it’s very popular, most of the outside tables were taken even late on a Sunday but we snagged one and both ordered the classic cod and chips.

It’s fairly hard work getting the attention of the waiters and we had to wait for a relatively long time for our food considering that there is also a takeaway option and people were coming and going regularly with their takeaway orders.

It’s nice that each table has both the necessary salt and vinegar as well as pots of ketchup and tartare sauce. The fish itself was delightfully crisp, the batter being neither too fatty or soggy as it so often can be. The cod was meaty and cooked well.

The chips are thick and pleasing and there are plenty of them. This is certainly very tasty but a tad on the expensive side, one large and one regular cod and chips and 1 can of coke coming in at £23 but I think it’s definitely worth the expense. It’s a good example of this oh so British dish but for a more authentic experience I’d suggest a trip to the Brighton or Hastings perhaps, much better to be by the seaside than the dustcarts and cabbies of Covent Garden.

47 Endell St
Covent Garden, WC2H

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Kang the London Eater said...

thanks for this! I've always been slightly curious about this place - I went to Geales for their gourmatised version of the chippy and wasn't really that impressed, it was about £20 as well, but I'm going to give rock and sole a try.