Monday, 20 April 2009


Saturday afternoon, cue girly lunch. This week at Princi. I’ve been eager to visit since it opened last year and have wandered in on a couple of occasions wishing that I hadn’t already eaten.

We all opted for the salad bar, a mix of 2 from the 6 on display for about £6, Noy and I had the chicken and avocado and the mozzarella and tomato. Nibs went for the lighter options including the artichoke and rocket salad.

The chicken salad interestingly contained slices of apple, unexpected but pleasing. It was topped with poppy seeds which gave an additional if subtle dimension. I loved this, the texture was comforting and the apple provided a slight sweetness.

The mozzarella was tasty, as Noy pointed out, not the best we’ve ever had but, certainly tastier than most. A liberal sprinkling of basil leaves and both cherry and plum tomatoes made up the salad and a nice slice of sourdough bread is served as an accompaniment. There were also black olives and raw red onion which I like but the girls picked out. There was an abundance on Nibs' plate.

I also felt like something sweet so had the passion fruit cheesecake for dessert. I’ve heard much of this elsewhere in blogger reports and it lived up to my expectations, providing a contrasting crunch (far better than any cheesecake base I’ve ever managed to achieve) topped with oozing soft cheese and a slightly sharp, very fruity, jellied passion fruit top.

I found the place to be a little hectic and daunting. One needs to adopt a gung-ho approach to nabbing a table, thankfully Noy was on the ball as usual and got us 3 of the high seats along the back wall after having loitered around for a good 20 minutes, coming close to fisticuffs with one gentleman.

On the way out I picked up 2 loaves of bread, a sourdough and an olive bread, these were amazing if a little pricy at £10 for the 2. Here's the 1/2 eaten sourdough which is some of the best I've ever had.

I guess it’s a good sign that the staff and most of the diners here are Italian, if it’s good enough for them..! I’d recommend Princi but be prepared to take no prisoners or don’t go at 2:30 on a Saturday! I hear the pizzas are amazing and there is a selection of hot food available that I didn't even get to because the cold displays are so very impressive. The place is filled with enticing aromas. I shall be returning, probably very soon.

135 Wardour St, Soho W1

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Lizzie said...

Holy god - £10 for two loaves of bread?!!

I've never been to Princi, even though I walk past twice a day. This communal dining, queuing up at the counter, and reports that they only heat their food up to lukewarm put me off.

Boo said...

I know, I'm still reeling and I will eat the whole thing if it kills me for that price! The other loaf, the olive bread, was the best I've ever had.

I did like the (cold) food I had but it sounds a bit dodgy that they're not heating some things up properly. Best to takeaway I think.

Anonymous said...

jesus...£10 for two loaves of bread? And i thought the bread at Borough market was expensive...

Anonymous said...

Wow...didn't realise the bread was so expensive! That would explain the £19.50 price tag on the special bread they made for Easter!

Still, I really like the place (mostly their pastries!).

Boo said...

Genuiness - Crazy prices! Definitely a once in a while treat. The olive bread was superb, I'm still thinking about it.

Su-Lin - £19.50...glad I'm not alone in thinking it's acceptable to shell out so much for a loaf of bread! I really like the place too, will definitely go back, i must try the pastries.

Helen said...

Most of the staff were Italian when I went there too. I had the aubergine salad with a yoghurt, pesto dressing which was yum but we didn't get to try anything else as my mates bag got nicked and we felt sad so we left :(

foodieguide said...

Passionfruit cheesecake, I can still remember how amazing it was! But I've yet to buy bread and other bits to take away with me. I'm still wary of returning for not so hot food that I ate there though.

Boo said...

Helen - oh no, that's awful, I hope it didn't put you and your friend off for life? That's such a shame. I liked the salads too. the aubergine and pesto one sounds good.

Helen (foodie guide) - That cheesecake, it was soooooo good! I'd recomment the bread if you're willing to splurge. Perhaps I'll give the 'hot' food a miss when I return.