Monday, 20 April 2009

Benito’s Hat

Following a job interview I had a much needed latte at Lantana, Shelagh commented that I’d not been in for a while and the first sip of the latte immediately made realise how much I’ve missed it! If I get the job I’ll be in the vicinity and a much more regular visitor, fingers crossed!

Anyway, it was quite late in the day and we were peckish and lunch was over at Lantana so we popped over to Benito’s Hat.

I went for the tacos (warmed soft tortillas - one above wrapped in foil) with chicken, salad and medium chilli sauce and Thomas went for the burrito with chicken and the hot sauce. I found mine very pleasing, a good size and value for money, £4 with a drink. There was no cutlery so it was a bit messy but thankfully there were napkins! The tacos (choose either 2 or 3 depending how hungry you are) are good but I find counters with meat laid out in steel trays to be a little unappealing. It all feels a bit canteen esque for my liking.

The burrito was a little on the large side if anything, filled with rice, salad, beans and chicken, it did look a bit beast like and every option comes with a serving of tortilla chips. The hot sauce proved a little overwhelming even for chilli fiend Thomas.

This is a nice lunch or snack destination and were I in that neck of the woods I might return but, in truth, I’d probably go to Lantana. In the evening the neighbouring Salt Yard (see my review here) or Ooze would likely be more of a draw.

Benito's Hat
56 Goodge St
Fitzrovia, W1T 4NB

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