Monday, 8 June 2009

Chopped salad

I had lots of salady bits to use up in the fridge and decided to make a chopped salad for lunch, something light and nutritious but tasty.

Obviously there's no recipe as such, just throw together whatever ingredients you have, season well and chop it all up. Here's what I used:

1 tomato
a handful of basil leaves
red onion
olive oil/ balsamic dressing

I especially liked the citrus hit and will make this again as a side to accompany fish or chicken. I would have added avocado and/or feta if I'd had any in, these additions would make the dish more of a main event in itself. In any case, minus these, it still tasted great, incredibly fresh and so light that it made me feel quite virtuous.


Gourmet Chick said...

I have made a salad like this previously but chopped everything up quite finely which makes it almost like a salsa and gives it a completley different taste. Interesting how something like the way you chop can make a difference!

Boo said...

That is interesting! I thought this picture looked like it could be a salsa, I left the pieces quite big this time because I wanted a bit of crunch.

Sophie said...

I love chicory, this looks delicious. I think salads like this are great for a packed lunch during the week and adding a tin of something like flageolet beans and cheese bulks it up a bit. Although the more you add the more your feelings of virtuosity decrease!

Boo said...

Exactly! This was perfect for a day when I felt like something fresh and light but it can also easily be spruced up with all manner of additions. Adding beans is a great idea.

nora@ffr said...

great idea.. ye chopped salad sound amazing, refreshing and light :) thanx for sharing.. excellent writing.. rili enjoyed reading them.. cheers!!

Boo said...

Thanks Nora, it's certainly fuss free aswell! Couldn't be any easier really, I just checked out ffr - some great ideas there.