Friday, 12 June 2009

Monmouth Coffee

I love lattes. I have one every day of the week and have a self enforced break at the weekends. We have a great retro Kenwood coffee machine at home with which Thomas has perfected the foaming of the milk but not yet the coffee art, making patterns in the milk as you pour it.

Lattes from Monmouth Coffee are probably my favourites, they look and taste beautiful. I love their little shop on Monmouth Street where they also have a stunning display of pastries and cakes as well as fresh beans available to buy to make your own coffee. The staff are knowledgeable and always very helpful and the coffee is consistently superb. They are always busy and there's often a queue stretching outside and down the street. I got this one from their stall at Borough Market.

There are few places in London where you can be sure of getting a decent coffee, I'm almost embarrassed to say that most mornings I get my coffee from Pret, they use Rachel's Organic milk and there's one lady who makes it just how I like it, I know which days she works and when she isn't there, it's just not the same! I also love the coffee at Lantana, owner Shelagh stocks Monmouth coffee beans and the guys working there know how make a seriously good coffee. Then there's Flat White who many claim make THE best coffee in London, they are definitely in my top 3.

I've heard very good things of the coffee at Fernandez and Wells and Sacred Coffee but am yet to try either. It's great to see more and more independent coffee companies vying for top spot in London, the 3 large chains have had the monopoly for far too long.

Monmouth Coffee Company
27 Monmouth Street, WC2H

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tehbus said...

Im partial to Pret coffee in the morning too. For me, its the best the high street can offer. No Monmouth in Victoria!

Boo said...

Definitely the best on the high street, I agree. Still makes me feel guilty though as they're a chain but I'm moving office in a week or so, I'll be closer to Monmouth!!

larrifari said...

my coffee machine looks good on photos!

Anonymous said...

Indeed monmoth is awesome - especially when it is around the corner from my Uni. :) Definite able to get my fix every morning.