Wednesday, 17 June 2009


In a bid to beat the bulge I’ve been on a bit of a salad diet of late. Every lunchtime I try to have salad because as much as it pains me to not have them carbs make me bloated. I’ve exhausted most options in Covent Garden and find myself returning to a few places. One of which is Tossed.

There are several outposts across the city, I’ve also been to the sit down version at Westfield where the portions are monsterous, my closest is St Martin’s Lane right opposite the St Martin’s Lane Hotel.

What I like about it here is that you can make your own or choose from a house salad, there are sandwich options and also hot food like soups, stews and jacket potatoes. It’s fairly standard in terms of ingredients, they’re not the finest available but there’s a huge variety.

My favourite house salad is the classic tuna nicoise, I like their olives and capers, and I often make my own chicken salad with sunblush tomato and avocado which I choose with the pesto dressing which is really very good. The website includes a handy nutrition calculator for the calorie conscious.

Also they have an industrial (and rather scary looking) juicer, they’ll juice almost anything and have a wide range of drinks which are, like the salads, made on request. I’m not sure where they source their fruit and veg but I’ve never seen such enormous carrots in all my life!

Their feta is also worthy of a note, I’m a feta addict and theirs is great. The salads can rapidly become less healthy with the addition of a couple of ingredients, they also offer less angelic house salads like the mexican with ranch dressing, tortilla chips, cheddar and chicken. I tend to go here for a quick guilt free lunch though, this is what they do best I think.

They have slightly odd 'wacky' slogans on their bags/menus etc. I try to ignore this.

Tossed Salad Bar
100 St Martin’s Lane

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Anonymous said...

I like Tossed as well, and am a regular at lunchtime. I always wondered about the sourcing of their vegetables and fruit for the juices too (the carrots are gynormous!). I like the signature salad, though it may be a bit too fruity for some...the soya custard desserts are also fairly tasty considering they're not all that bad for you, in a relative sense...

Boo said...

I've not tried that one but see many people ordering it, I think it would be a bit too fruity for my liking yes. I agree the banana soya custard pot is delicious!

Krista from Londonelicious said...

Have you tried Chop'd? there's one in spitalfields and another in leadenhall. you can order you salad ahead online, which is great!

meemalee said...

Hello Boo!

I love salad bars like these, but I actually try to avoid them because greed and whimsy make me gravitate towards the "Create Your Own".

Last time I was in one, I ended up with a salad costing £9!

It was lovely though :)

Boo said...

Krista - I've not tried Chop'd, I must check it out, Leadenhall is not far from where I work, thanks!

Hi Meemalee, I know the feeling well, One lunchtime I spent £21 on the salad bar at Whole Foods, that was lovely too but £21 for a box of salad?! I lose all self control when it comes to buffet type affairs!