Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lord Palmerston 2

For some reason Thomas and I saw fit to return to The Lord Palmerston despite 1) being pretty sure they made us both ill the last time we ate here, 2) the woman behind the bar is rude (I think we have a clash of personalities - she tried to make us order fondue, er, no) and 3) we had some perfectly good tuna steaks at home which we should have had for dinner instead.

So, have they redeemend themselves thanks to this visit? No. In fact, I'd knock off a point or 2 and now rate them a meagre 4 out of 10. I had a smoked chicken salad with beets and orange. Not the fondue thank you very much pushy lady, it might be a special but it's not my fault that you clearly need to flog it. I thought my salad was alright when I began eating but the chicken was quite fatty, there was lots of limp, rather rubbery skin both attached to the meat and floating around of its own accord. There was barely a smidgen of dressing on it and were it not for the orange it would have barely tasted of anything.

It was boring and miserable. I should have gone for the buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad, I can't get enough of this at the moment, but it was only a starter portion. Thomas, as usual, had the steak and chips which was hideously overcooked despite his request to have it cooked medium rare. The chips were the saving grace for me here as they were chunky and dark but Thomas prefers fries so even this could not salvage the dish for him. The roasted tomatoes are a nice touch, again, Thomas seemed unimpressed with them.

It's a shame because their heart's in the right place, some of the meals I've had here and not written up have been very good but the last couple of visits have been a huge let down. I would advise you to not eat here, I shall not be returning, unless I fancy an argument with the staff who took offense when Thomas informed them that his steak was 'just ok.'

Thankfully I'm off home to Kent for the weekend to eat at some much loved and oft returned to reliably good pubs with hopefully more positive things to report upon my return, going to the seaside too, yay!

The Lord Palmerston
33 Dartmouth Park Hill

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