Friday, 9 January 2009

Boo in New York – Oscar’s

Lunch at Oscar’s turned out to be an unexpected 3-course treat (they close at 2pm so dinner there was not an option). The meal was very good; one would expect nothing less at The Waldorf of course. We both had soup to start

I had corn chowder with chicken. The chowder was poured over the meat in front of me at the table by the waiter – a nice touch I thought.

French onion for Thomas, delicious, and very aesthetically pleasing. It was very rich and filling though, portion control does not exist in New York!

Salad for me next, the beef was incredibly good and I particularly liked the black tortillas.

Turkey club for Thomas was unremarkable

I’m not really a dessert person but because Thomas wanted to have some cheesecake (preferably New York but pumpkin pecan was on the menu). I decided to hell with it, and went for the PB&J.

This was a bizarre medley of a vaguely nutty mousse on a soggy cookie with a fruity sorbet on the top. Peanut butter and jam, hmmm, I was unconvinced.

The service was hurried (we arrived at about 1:30 and we were offered the bill after the main course rather than the dessert menu as it was near closing time) but courteous however the maître d was a bit nuts and quite frantic, declaring at one point that his wife suggested he join the gym but he needn’t as his job provides enough exercise. Now we know.

Oscar’s @ The Waldorf=Astoria
301 Park Avenue, NY

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