Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Last night, like drunken fools we once again darkened the doorway of Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

After debating the culinary woes of London we head for the place that we know will always deliver, over the last year or so, GBK has become our trusty (if somewhat messy) friend.

I have been known to complain about GBK in the past, my previous post about the burgers at Haché outlined some of my issues, but I have to agree with Thomas and concede that GBK does deliver something that no other burger place in London can seem to equal.

Last night I went for the Garlic Mayo burger. A 100% Aberdeen-Angus Scotch beef burger with fresh garlic mayo, salad, mayonnaise & relish. The garlic mayo is green which alarmed me slightly when first encountered but it’s delicious and very potent, not one for a first date perhaps but, luckily for me, Thomas and I are equally fond of the stuff.

The burger, the bun, the salad, the relish, all of the basic constituents of a humble beef burger here work together to provide the diners with an exceptional eating experience.

I was earlier reading this blog post from Intoxicating Prose about the dismal encounter Douglas had with a supposedly ‘Gourmet’ burger at the Wincanton Races. I’ve never had a good burger from a trailer it must be said however, the fact that such a pitiful standard of food is being marketed as gourmet here in the UK (never mind at a high brow event) is a travesty. I agree with Thomas that food here is a mere afterthought for most people who silently accept such offerings because they know no better.

I heartily recommend everyone try GBK which never fails to disappoint, Thomas had the Avocado Bacon burger and, as usual, there were no qualms to be had.

We shared an over flowing bowl of fries which were perfectly crisp and fluffy in the centre. They didn’t bat an eyelid when we requested tap water either, this is always pleasing and notably far more common and accepted in New York than it is here in London.

They are pretty messy eats but I find cutting the burger in half helps greatly and burgers are kind of supposed to be messy. The minimal décor is nothing more than clean but this is all it needs to be. This is still fast food but at it’s very best. Ooh, they have a 2-4-1 offer on at the moment, download a voucher from their website. I challenge anyone to eat 2 but failing that, take a friend and half the cost, the best burgers in town and cheap, unbeatable!

3-14 Maiden Lane

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Kang at said...

Love GBK been going there for too many years to remember!

Those 241s are definitely worth it!

You might like to try Hache burgers too - chopped steak inthe place of mince.


larrifari said...

yeeeeeeeeah makes me hungry just looking at it again.