Wednesday, 28 January 2009


When it comes to food, there are few things I crave. And, by this, I mean actually yearn for and dream about. My list of these things would always have to include feta cheese and crisps.

Even as a child I always coveted savoury snacks above sweets. My favourites as a youngster included Quavers and salt and vinegar Squares. Now, with a rather more refined taste, my most desired of all crisps has to be the Jonathan Crisp brand.

I chanced upon these by sheer luck in the Muswell Hill branch of Planet Organic when finding myself in need of a snack. I, since that first experience, would literally count down the days until my next trip to the area.

They offer a vast array of interesting and unusual flavour combinations, my favourite being (a twist on the classic) Mature cheddar and Red Onion. The actual crisps have the potato skin remaining around the outside and a deep crispness, making the texture very substantial when taking a bite. They never melt like the delicate Skip, or become a sticky gooey mess like the humble Wotsit. These are grown up crisps, one might even use that word, gourmet!

They are marketed as ‘crisps for snobs’ and the packaging alone sets them apart from the more old school offerings from the likes of Walkers and Smiths (famed for their salt ‘n’ shake and ultimately brought out by Walkers). Other varieties like Burts or Kettle Chips use the same foil packet with a matte exterior in often pastel hues which somehow achieve a kind of organic aesthetic. I like this. I also like how the better brands on the market sometimes achieve a little clumped together cluster of crisps or an individual one folded over to provide several layers or crunch in one hit!

To my horror, on my last trip to Planet Organic, I found they no longer stock Jonathan Crisp. I sought them out online and, to my delight, they will ship within the UK if you’re happy to buy in bulk. I do savour the taste of these in the true sense of the word and with Valentines Day coming up……..

What are you favourite crisps?

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