Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tufnell Park Kebab (sorry)

On Saturday night we had hoped to have dinner at the re-opened Hawley Arms, fair enough, last ditch attempts to book a table were a little on the wishful side so we arrived, nonetheless, and found a table. We grabbed a menu and were told that the kitchen was closed, half an hour before the advertised time. Even this was fine, we were peckish but could cope with focussing on drinking for the evening and address the food issue later (then, the table was literally whisked out from under our feet).

This was never going to be a cosy, feet up leisurely affair, that’s why we went there! It was fairly easy to snag a table at which to continue drinking because we arrived before the queue formed and a jolly good time was had by all. Copious amounts of gin later and we were out on our ear. It occurred to the group (Thomas and I and the visiting Kid and Crann) that we had been hungry several hours ago and the cashews, hula hoops and wotsits had barely touched the sides!

Now, I am slightly loath to review the Tufnell Park Kebab and, as I’ve mentioned before, it was once an all too regular haunt on route home. We had to wean ourselves off. They even gave us a Christmas present, a mug and a card, bless them.

Reluctant as I am to tell all, it seemed like the best idea ever in the early hours of Sunday morning! After an evening drinking the only thing for it is a carb fest and I had exactly that with hummus, chips and salad in a pitta bread, I usually opt for the grilled halloumi but felt his time that chips with ketchup were an absolute must.

The chips here are proper chip shop chips, I’m not claiming freshness, I have no doubt at all that they are frozen but they are gloriously thick and soggy, not everyone’s cup of tea but exactly what I require in a chip.

The fact that they also serve regular fish and chip shop food is the reason, cod, saveloy, pies, chicken pieces, as well as traditional kebabs are all to be found here.

Thomas went for the usual, chicken shish with chips. We’ve, thankfully, not yet reached the stage where we can order ‘the usual’ but the guys do always ask me if I would like hummus, as they know I like it! Ha.

Chicken shish too for Crann and chips and salad in pitta for the Kid, who, as usual, ate very little and, at the time was accused of making it look absolutely vile, in a way that only the Kid knows how! With retrospect, how great can chips in pitta bread covered in mayo with a sprinkling of red cabbage and cucumber ever look?

The sauce options for the kebab are limited to chilli or garlic, both of which are acceptable. The whole thing is infinitely satisfying at the time but guilt inducing in the sense not only that it provides pretty much zilch in terms of nutrients but also that I feel I’ve let myself down by eating this kind of food.

Am I a snob? I can admit that I loved it at the time even if I was a little bloated, so at least i'm not in denial. The memories of watching an episode of Rogue Traders once upon a time which focused on these kinds of outlets was not even enough to deter me it seems. Perhaps the alcohol is the answer. Ho hum, it was done.

2/10 (ouch)
Tufnell Park Kebab
Unsurprisingly not one of London's Urbanspoon outlets

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Anonymous said...

You are a pretentious idiot...2 out of 10? Your review is utterly baseless because you sing the shop's praises and then slate it just because you feel like it. Keep your stupid drunken rants to yourself and try acting your age because you think you're a teenager. Boo? More like VOM.