Thursday, 8 January 2009


Working on The Strand I often rely upon Leon at lunchtimes. Their rise has been swift with new branches speedily popping up across the city (and closing in the case of the shortlived Villiers St location which was a fairly silly idea considering it’s close proximity to The Strand.)

Anyhow, The Times branded Leon ‘The future of fast food’ and I was certainly hooked from my very first visit. Many of the sites open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, quite a remarkable feat for cook Allegra McEvedy, serving up fresh, seasonal and healthy produce all day long.

Her cookbook contains most of the recipes for the dishes

And, having flicked through the book, it’s very much on my wish list for this year with superb illustrations and easy to follow instructions. As mentioned before on my blog, I am a huge fan of the Original Superfood Salad, a stalwart of my diet, I have returned to having this roughly every other day in a bid to beat the bloat acquired in New York. (More Boo in New York posts to come btw when I get the photos sorted). I find the combo of quinoa, feta and peas so fresh and dreamy that I genuinely find myself craving this dish if I have gone without for a while. At £3.80 to takeaway, it won’t break the bank either. The Evening Standard declared it 'the ultimate credit crunch restaurant,' though I'm not sure they meant it kindly.

Soups too at Leon are always winners, my particular favourite being chicken barley broth, and they come with a wholemeal flatbread. In all, with a frequently changing menu Leon never fails to disappoint me whether I’m giving into that feta craving or boldly trying something new.

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