Thursday, 29 January 2009

Joy Food

Yesterday I lunched at Joy Food in Soho. I used to work within a 10-minute walk of Soho and would regularly head that way come lunchtime however, now working further south it has become an unfortunately all too rare occurrence. My job will, for the next few weeks, take me there more frequently and I am looking forward to once again sampling some of Soho’s culinary pleasures. I’m particularly looking forward to trying Fernandez and Wells where they feel ‘it’s important to make the customers feel at home’. Ah, how nice.

Anyway, Joy Food. Situated on the midst of the Berwick St Market I resisted the urge to nip into Flat White for one of their superb coffees (Thomas was given a magnificent coffee maker for Christmas btw so we are fast becoming coffee aficionados and have found Flat White to be virtually unbeatable in London).

Joy Food was surprisingly quiet when 6 colleagues and I showed up at 1ish having trekked there in the rain. The food they offer is the homely comfort kind, in large portions, wraps, burgers, meatballs, lasagna, fishcakes etc. The generous portioning a result of the fact that they are also open for dinner.

I had the chicken and vegetable salad which was very nicely presented with the ubiquitous rocket, parmesan and balsamic syrup drizzle. Curiously there was dressing on the chicken and not the salad leaves and the vegetables constituted aubergine, courgette and sun dried tomatoes. These were very nice, a little on the oily side (probably because they were jarred or pre packed in olive oil) but still tasty.

The chicken wrap comes served with fries and a side salad and looked to be a winner but is for those with a larger appetite. I shall return but not in a hurry, £6 to eat in, without a drink and the wait was fairly long for lunchtime. The bench style seating seems to be taking London by storm and, as seen here, it creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where communication with strangers is positively encouraged. Joyous indeed.

Joy Food
11 Berwick Street

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Joy food seems to have closed! :(