Friday, 12 December 2008

Haché, Camden

Having read complimentary things about Haché I persuaded my boyfriend and Rob to eat there (despite not actually knowing the precise location “somewhere near the Subway in Camden,” it’s certainly very handy to have 2 companions with Iphones in just such situations!

Along we trotted to Inverness Street (of course, it’s not near the Subway at all! Oops) and I must say I had bigged it up somewhat, something which I felt I could do with confidence due to the gushing reviews posted by Dos Hermanos, the well respected food blogger. They claim that Haché provide ‘easily the best’ burgers in London. (They did plump for the 14oz steak burger though, this is no longer even offered, instead it's a 12oz).

The name haché is a reference to the chopping method used to form these hand made patties as apposed to the usual mincing. I opted for the Steak au Naturel, Thomas had the Steak Catalan with chorizo and chilli and Rob took the Steak Blue Cheese. We threw in some fries and grilled halloumi for good measure and all concluded that actually, whilst the meat is good quality and cooked superbly to your liking, it is not better than GBK. I do have a slight problem with GBK, 3 infact, 1) I was once very ill after a visit there when I indulged in the Chicken, Avocado, Bacon burger (though I think this a conplete coincidence and in no way down to the food), 2) I find them very difficult to manage, preferring to eat my burgers with my hands rather than knife and fork. They are enormous and I often find myself going for a junior burger because of this which disappoints me because I am not a junior, but even they are very good, and 3) You have to go to the counter and order for yourself, I am generally a very lazy person.

At Haché you are directed to a table and the waiting staff bring you your food and drink, that’s what we like! How novel. And their burgers are indeed very good. The 3 of us agreed that their downfall is the bun. The ciabatta bread is a little dry and overly floury. The bill was reasonable considering that I had wine and there is a service charge included.

I believe that my quest for the ultimate burger will end in New York come New Year but in London I have to say that GBK reigns supreme. I did have a very good cheese burger at Bistrotheque so I would rate them second with Haché coming in a close third.


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Kang said...

Followed your GBK link to this post - hmm, you didnt like Hache?

i ranked them a few months back and GBK came top in mine, but Hache is really, really good though.

On the topic of 'best london burger' people are whispering about Cheeky Petes in the city.. I havent been myself (i live in west london) but apparently they serve the 'real' best burgers in town.