Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Bridget Jones eat your heart out

On Saturday I purchased my first pair of Bridget esque control pants from M&S (where else?) I had flirted with the idea for a while but took the bold step with much encouragement from Nibs who apparently is a regular in the control dept. during her lunch hour. And I completely understand why, it’s like another world! People have really got the wrong idea about these garments, particularly guys who find them unattractive but they are ultimately flattering and can genuinely be sexy too.

I opted for a tummy and bum cincher to wear with a body con type dress from Topshop. Much along these lines

However, I realised that I had not accounted for the fact that the dress has a see through mesh back. Upon further reflection I decided that this didn’t matter. On the contrary, come 10pm the very same evening I was sporting said pants, loud and proud. The mere fact that they streamline the silhouette is so appealing when wearing something tight and means that one can enjoy a week filled with meatballs and curry and brunch at Lantana without a single thought about unsightly bulges in that LBD.

M&S to the rescue!

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