Wednesday, 24 December 2008

It's Christmas!!

After a really busy couple of weeks at work it's finally Christmas!! Each year it somehow manages to sneak up on me and I find myself with startlingly few presents purchased and wrapped with only a few days to go. I'm all done at last, on Christmas Eve, and yet again I am vowing to never leave it so late in future (one year I was very organised, it felt much the same only the shopping was less stressful).

The following things make me realise that's it's Christmas:

Eating lots of nuts and chocolate

Seeing The Snowman on TV

Finding myself reading all my cookery books repeatedly planning the Christmas lunch

And having some Christmas ham at my Auntie Shirley's

I'd ticked all these boxes by the 23rd of December this year. I'm off to New York (via Frankfurt) to celebrate New Year and Thomas' birthday. I'm most excited about the prospect of indulging in burgers, cocktails and pastrami on rye NYC style! Waldorf Astoria here we come! Merry Christmas.

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