Thursday, 11 December 2008


Post work’s Christmas party....inevitable hangover (less severe than usual though thanks to a brilliantly healthy dinner of cod and vegetables) and next day munchies. My usual favourites come lunchtime are Leon and Tossed as I generally opt for salads or soups and find these places to provide above standard ones.

My all time favourite at Leon being the Superfood Salad. I popped into Waterstones at Lunchtime to purchase a gift and saw the Leon cookbook which they also sell in their shops or online. I might try to recreate the salad for myself but I don’t think I could source such a good quality feta and the book does not specify their supplier.

Today I went to Tossed for lunch. Their St Martin’s Lane branch is very popular and there are often queues snaking outside. They have opened at Westfield shopping centre and seemingly are doing very well for themselves. I was disappointed with the Mexican salad today though, very dry, barely any dressing and not a hint of avocado, they often run out of key ingredients but usually offer an alternative of your choice. Not today though, perhaps the maker of my salad was having a bad day. Perhaps they had their Christmas party yesterday too! In any case, I shall not be returning for a while.

I got myself a gift in Waterstones too – a new 2009 Moleskine diary,

Easily the best diary I have ever had was the 2007 version of this, it was the large day to page one and is perfect if a little hefty but I like that about it. Last year there were limited edition red ones which were a bit special. They are slightly expensive at £16.50 but here you most definitely get what you pay for. Now I just need to bide my time until January 1st!

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