Thursday, 11 December 2008


As companies go, the one I work for is renowned in the industry as being pretty hardcore in terms of drinking and partying so each year, come crimbo, the bash is sure to be raucous if nothing else! This year did not disappoint and there were bust-ups a plenty providing welcome entertainment for those not directly involved.

Come 1:30pm we donned our Christmas cracker hats at this year’s chosen venue Verve, St Martin’s Lane. When the invite went out, lips furled at the news. However, as we were quite a large group they catered relatively well considering, service was exceedingly polite but a little slow, the food, however, was surprisingly rather good.
I chose Goatscheese to start which was like a little cake with breadcrumbs served with rocket and caramelised onions. The best starter by far looked to be the smoked salmon though, I wished I’d gone for that.

For main course I had roast turkey, classic, which came with potatoes and vegetables and was rather good if a little stingy in size. The turkey was wrapped in parma ham and was stuffed which was a pleasant surprise and was a whole breast rather than slices. My dessert was raspberry cheesecake which was only passable but yummy enough to conclude that Verve can be commended on the standard of the food but I did head there with very low expectations! To be honest the venue matters not when there’s such fun to be had observing the carnage and in truth it was more about the wine than the food!

My Secret Santa gift was a giant universal remote control, an interesting choice I thought, it’s unlikely it will be lost down the back of the sofa at least.


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